I kinda feel like posting a private key or 0day or seed phrase to see who can grab it first, except it will only be hosted over active mode FTP on IPv6

Top market-related searches, end of 2021:
- Will I be bored if I retire at age 35?

Top market-related searches, now:
- How long do you have to wait between selling your first kidney and selling your next?

Iran gets more and more restricted and crippled

This is a reminder why encryption and other protocols such as I2P and Tor are useful.

Solomon Sonya @Carpenter1010 on making sense of memory forensics

LMAO, I just found another unauthorized copy of paywalled technical standard from an official source - a US government website. Still the same reason, someone uploaded it for work, made it world accessible, and forgot about it. :blobcatgiggle2:

@mubix @TexasCyberConf "One of the best red teamers was 9-5. When 5pm hit, they were out. If they were in a call, the line would just immediately go dead. No good-byes, just gone."

British teen hackers are clearly causing chaos at a rate far ahead of their US counterparts and this is simply a national embarrassment.

how come when they took *away* the "pointers" it became C "sharp"?

Experiences suggest it is in fact easier to keep a child alive than a plant. Thankfully.

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