Banning stock buybacks is moronic. Sure, you might stop the executives' net worth from being as high as they might be otherwise, but they're unlikely to sell in a dip anyway. You know who has to sell now? People trying to live off their 401k's. That's who you're screwing.

Successfully using entirely self-hosted+federated Riot/Matrix/Jitsi/Etherpad/PeerTube to host lectures, teleconference with students, answer questions in chat, and collaboratively edit their code. Write-up is incoming. Once I take a nap.

I'm seeing a ton of annoying, cringey, offensive, and just generally stupid takes when looking at the bird site today. Every one of them is a suggested tweet. It seems they've changed the labels and my filters aren't working.

Good but sobering update from the Tillett's:
"Danbury Hospital, in Danbury Connecticut, saved my husband’s life."

Great thread on why Japan, despite early exposure with no lockdowns, little social distancing, no business shutdowns, crowded trains, and not that much testing seems to have avoided much COVID-19 cases, deaths, or pneumonia

If nobody guesses correctly by tomorrow night, I'll just post it. You have 20-ish hours!

Let's play a game: after endless frustration and experimenting with options over months, I finally solved the bad-WiFi-in-one-side-of-the-house problem. Each reply with something I tried gets 1 point, the correct solution gets 10 points.

Nobody's on the road because of the virus, which means it's a perfect time you'll never see again in your life to make a record setting cannonball run!

Dragging to the bookmarks bar doesn't work on Chrome. Just make a new bookmark and paste the javascript string as the URL

1. Highlight the below text
2. Drag it to your bookmarks bar (or if you don't have one, Ctrl+Shift+B)
3. Click it whenever you need a good secure password

javascript:alert("your new password is "+btoa(String.fromCharCode.apply(null, crypto.getRandomValues(new Uint8Array(9)))))

Researchers… have found the Japanese-developed anti-flu drug Avigan effective in treating patients infected with the new coronavirus… clinical trials by two medical organizations… involved 240 patients and 80 patients… drug is highly safe

Inconvenient truths: study after study shows reusable bags are unsanitary and a threat to public health. Also public transportation. Yes they're still efficient. Tradeoffs suck. But I can't imagine any honest risk analysis would conclude banning plastic bags is a good idea.

I guess that's why I was on hold for an entire hour and a half today to make a flight change.

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