Literally 1/3 of all software available for mobile platforms may shortly be wiped from the stores. iPhone users will basically not have any recourse.

This was released 15 years ago Friday. War raging, gas prices skyrocketing, markets on the edge of crashing, president stumbling over his words, Raytheon making bank. Crazy times.

animal bite 

This is most annoying because we haven't even seen snakes around here before and generally weren't even thinking about them. I guess they're nocturnal. And I really wish it was a rat snake or other nonvenomous, but those don't seem to have that large of a distance between fangs/punctures. So this is all very inconvenient. Anyway if anybody has great ideas for backyard snake control let me know.

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animal bite 

Stepped onto the back porch to watch the eclipse for like 1 minute and suddenly *FOOT STABBING* I did not see anything but have two punctures about 1 1/4 in or 3.2cm apart. According to Science, this means big snake. Which for here is likely a pit viper. Unfortunately I didn't find the snake so I don't know exactly.

If I die, I'll let you know.

Good chance I didn't get much venom though, as I'm only a bit swollen & no neuro symptoms. Anyway, no step on snek.

@sj OK, the results are in (compressing the Linux kernel source (1.1GB) with default options, single threaded).

gzip: 1m8s and 193M (82.60% smaller)
bzip2: 2m47s and 145M (86.94%)
bzip3: 3m37s and 123M (88.95%)
xz: 9m46s and 123M (88.93%)

In terms of percent compression per second, gzip still wins handily. Here are the percent saved per second:

gz: 1.21
bz2: 0.52
bz3: 0.41
xz: 0.15

Different data will compress differently. More RAM or different CPUs might affect the numbers.

@TheGibson Early in my writing career at a moderately popular Apple news site (TUAW) I wrote about what I thought was a silly little piece of shareware that opened the CD drive on Mac towers.

Turns out it also ran a script that moved ALL your calendar events back by two weeks. Readers were not happy.

The person who made it never intended for it to get picked up in the news. They gave me a script readers could use to fix it all.

VLBI algorithms use a lot of computers and code. There is a lot of algorithmic research that went into the pixel chips and code as well. There are very good reasons for both. They're both captured images.

Weird it gets distorted? No, that's exactly how the scientists described it in their own words

A Pixel phone picture is a "computer generated image consistent with both the data and computer modeling, from which many different images could be created" too

If you're serious about security, you need this book:

"A Million Random Digits With 100,000 Normal Deviates"

Hardcover – March 1, 1955

Only US$755.63. Be sure to read the reviews.

I would not recommend using Intel CPUs for compiling Rust. The binary that comes out technically correct, but lacks the warmth and POPCNT that the AMD CPUs can generate. The binary code layering that you can achieve on a 32-core AMD 6969 Ryzen has a completely different level of opcode detail resolution, especially the branching is noticeably smooth (your average amateur might not notice subtle differences when a processor executes 4 billion instructions per second anyway, but true codeophiles will).

Important: make sure you use high-quality shielded gold-plated USB cables to connect your keyboard when typing the code -- no matter how sophisticated the CPU you use to compile, the result will be bad if the input was distorted.

Did you know that the slower and more bloated and more confusing you make your site, the greater your "Time spent on site" metric will be.

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