The long night is over, the dawn is breaking.

JIF is back in stock.

It's this microcosm of the web universe being entirely disjoint from the systems universe and never the twain shall meet. You can almost hear the WebCrypto people say
"Why would you ever need to verify something not signed by a webpage? Where would the message even come from?"

Why does WebCrypto have to use a different signature format than OpenSSL for the same ECDSA keys? I suppose I need to extract out the R and S out of ASN.1 and slap them back together but it doesn't seem to work and I seem to be the only person on the internet doing this.

New traffic light protocol released, however we can't share it with you publicly, we can only make vague restatements of the same content to feel more like part of an exclusive club.

The 2022 make-a-USB-C-display-adapter-that-won't-melt-steel-beams challenge

Microsoft blocks Tutanota users from own service: Tutanota users can't register a Microsoft Teams account and Microsoft won't change this.

Whenever you accidentally go to the Wikipedia page for a controversial subject you are reminded

If you're supposed to set up a "root of trust" which root do you use?

If you're supposed to set up a "root of trust" which root do you use?

Those who argue for respectability and moderation serve the purposes of the predators who wish to go about their business unchallenged.

‘I wish you would stop personally attacking allies… it’s harming the cause’ shout men and women at women who are yet again raising a concern at predatory behaviour, boundary violation, and safeguarding risks. They are talking about reputation of a political movement, and thus their personal reputations, being more important than safeguarding. These men and women will then, one suspects, muse on how Savile got away with it when he was saying who he was, when it was clear and bemoan that nobody listened because she had watched a television documentary. Well let me be clear: you are how predators get away with it...........................................

@Starefossen I still don't have a great way of seeing this real time aside from killing all other tabs and watching anything your browser does while you have the site in one tab. Although network log export is pretty good (h/t @ericlaw) then searching for a network_isolation_key of the domain

@Starefossen SharedWorkers can also do web sockets or other requests to the internet. But none of those requests show up in the developer tools network tab. So you can implement a simple proxy in the worker, passing data to the worker to send and receive and avoid easy inspection.

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