"Have you ever committed a crime for which you were not arrested?"
Look I've never directly killed anybody but people were forced to review some of my early code contributions and I just try not to think about the consequences.

The Gift of It's Your Problem Now. By @apenwarr
There are so many great quotes in here.
"You don't say to someone, 'here's $100, maybe this time get me a gift worth $100 more than you'd regularly spend.'"

> could not open critical system index 2679

So my Postgres database suffered a catastrophic death because I didn't notice an email from Frantech saying there would be downtime. The thing that hurts is that I had a backup, but I had deleted it for an unrelated reason and was going to remake it. I fucking hate this shit. I lost EVERYTHING.

If anyone knows some magical miracle solution to the below error, please let me know:

if you don't have the source and can't find a safe way to hack in, what recourse do you have to fix hardware you own?


Modern block games like Minecraft and Roblox are spoiling kids with 3d blocks. We had to make do with this:

This Apple watch emergency location commercial ("hard fall at -117.2° longitude") is supposed to be reassuring, but I'm like - it's only accurate to 10ths of a degree? That's up to 7 miles variance in either direction! Over 30,000 acres they gotta search. You're screwed buddy!

I was just trying to ncat some files from a Windows box but it was super slow. So I spent my Friday night poking at the source & binary until I could hot-patch a few instructions while the transfer ran to speed it up 1000x. I'm a nerd. But I'm proud of it.

This kind of thing repels your best potential hires, employers, or customers.

Tell us what you're doing that's special instead. Or share others' wins!

Just skip these attempts to impress. Also the vague quotes on top of inspiring but unrelated videos that were popular in 2008

Every LinkedIn post that isn't personal:
- Desperate attempt to sound like an expert with random smart sounding prime numbers facts
- Doesn't know most E2EE uses ECC not RSA (primes) anymore
- The only factual figure in the post is wrong, and up to nearly 10 years old

I added the Malwarebytes Labs' hack-back of Patchwork APT to the hack-back DB. What other hack-backs have you heard of or seen in the past few years?


Please, when you're arguing loudly on your mobile, put it on speaker phone so we can hear both sides and decide which side we're on.

"We ran several CPU profiles to assess the current state of affairs and we found that GC was the top CPU consumer for a vast majority of mission-critical services"
Uber's tech stack; largely written in Go. Ouch.

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