You should follow Distributed Denial of Secrets on here. They've been draconianly suspended from Twitter for publishing BlueLeaks, an 270gb archive of leaked police documents @ddosecrets

Android 11's alarm clock disabled my music alarm, replaced it with annoying beeps, & only offered paid music apps as alternatives. I was furious until I checked Settings > Privacy > Permissions > Files which was disabled; can now be set to media only. Set that and it works again.

"On the use of a life"
Excellent article on research from Colin Percival, the creator of Tarsnap and Scrypt

my favorite thing about the fediverse is all the fucking incredibly talented people jumping in my mentions all the time pushing me to learn and grow

there's not nearly enough anarchy in my anarchist jurisdiction

who do i call

where's the manager

Well I wasted a ton of time pulling my hair out trying to figure why I couldn't get IPv6 networking working in a docker container. Seems /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/*/disable_ipv6 will be 1 even if IPv6 is enabled and working.

But it's mainly mechanical keyboards that are used by hackers, while most legitimate users have little need for mechanical. Good governance aims for a well-balanced approach that simply bans mechanicals

Today a written off 21 year old kid in his 1st year at cycling's biggest race achieved an incredible come from behind win
“Actually my dream was just to be at the Tour de France and now the dream is I’m here and I won… unbelievable”
Congrats @TamauPogi

Stop saying floating point numbers are "truncated" when converted to integers. They're rounded down.

Fight me.

"Astonishingly, even after retraction the vast majority of citations are positive, and those positive citations continue for decades after retraction."
We complain about the truth not mattering when politicians speak, but peer reviewed social science apparently isn't much better.

I saw a few people share the crazy Sturgis rally COVID story. Turns out it's baloney in both epidemiology and economic impact.

The war Google wages on standard protocols is also annoying, making IMAP etc. ever more painful to auth to. They claim security. I'd debate them but ads don't show in Thunderbird & @halvarflake has a saying about explaining things to people whose jobs depend on not understanding.

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