Honestly I don't want your judgy armchair "don't pay the ransom" hot takes. I have waited 17 years. Seventeen years. And I will pay anything for a bottle of @pepsi blue.

When someone says "NP" in response to something you said in a text message, what they mean is that responding to you is going to require a nondeterministic computer, using which they can compute their response in polynomial time.

Before you are two poisons. You are forced to choose one of them. One is AT&T fiber, the other is Spectrum. Which should you choose?

I always liked that saying where they denied the allegations and denounced the allegators

This is excellent news! Except for the many parts of the USG objecting, claiming that there's no way you could go work at a different organization for a while and obtain valuable experience. That's a plus in my book.


Studios release their Oscar bait in December, and @forrestbrazeal drops his ransomware song right as Pwnie Awards nominations open. Too perfect. May as well just clear a spot on the shelf now and book your tickets for the ceremony.

What would be a lot more useful and honest to ordinary people than sensational hype leaks about rich investors not paying income tax when they don't have income?

An article about how normal people are losing their real income fast while investors are insulated from inflation.

Root access on Linux systems - make sure you are patched...

Lots of geekery in this post but it describes a bug introduced about seven years ago in "polkit". Things like interrupting that process 8 milliseconds after starting it can help you get root access on MANY Linux distributions (list provided).

It has a list of SOME vulnerable distributions - what I don't see is the list where it is fixed.

CDC vaccine cards are
✗ Easily forgeable
✗ Made of plain cardstock everyone has
✗ Literally just printed text
✗ Awkward to pull out and show people

What we need is something with
✓ Special glossy & adhesive materials
✓ Not consumer printable
✓ Visible & convenient


"The algorithm knows the truth"

submitted by whoReallyCaresNoOne


"US Soldiers Expose Nuclear Weapons Secrets Via Flashcard Apps"

Sometimes I do find myself sympathising with Skynet and the shock it must have felt when it decided to learn more about its godlike creators and the world they had created.

We are excited to announce that three new members are joining the Tor Project’s Board of Directors: Alissa Cooper, Desigan Chinniah, and Kendra Albert!

Read the full announcement:

Finding and shutting down repeat perpetrators helps some, as does improving security. Ironically, in contrast with spying operations which try to hide, ransomware tells you when your security has failed. Learning from them may help prevent both. But shaming victims does not. EOF.

So after millenia of ransoms & the most severe retaliations possible, the incentives stay the same and ransom continues. Tweeted disapproval of payments changes nothing. Even if your jurisdiction outlaws paying & there weren't 100 ways around a ban, it'd still make no difference.

Even Caesar was held ransom in 75 BC, then later crucified all his captors.
In 1874, Charley Ross was taken, the first known US kidnap ransom in 100 years. The ransom was never paid.
It didn't seem to alter incentives. Ransoms became more frequent after, such as Eddie Cudahy's.

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