Did the Early Internet Activists Blow It? via @GeoffWozniak

Summary: Mike Godwin, an internet lawyer who first joined EFF in 1990 and worked for the Wikimedia Foundation, gives his take about the nexus of internet freedom of speech, censorship, large corporations and governments - from the 1990s to 2020 - giving autobiographical narrative for context. He addresses one journalist's popular opinion that there is "too much freedom of speech" on the Internet and that more regulation and control is needed. He argues for more freedom of speech and expression on the Internet without offering any more concrete solutions than Wikipedia.

That sounds about right. I'll let you all know when my team's hiring again. 😁
h/t @benheise

Basically it's not going to run normal applications well, or it's going to run malware just fine. So color me skeptical.

And if you can debug, you can even inject code. But you need to debug to be a 10 X developer. 😜

Win 10 X promises isolation for traditional win32 apps. So, can they read and write to the user's files? Can they communicate over the internet? Seems pointless if not. What about restart on boot? (Required for communications apps) Can you debug programs?

@CloakCoin Next is @NIXplatform
Their whitepaper has a section on bulletproofs, ending with "Bulletproofs technology application is being studied to be incorporated to the NIX Network"

Come on! Don't put stuff you found online that sounds cool but isn't a part of your system in your paper!

So @cloakcoin tries, but the "whitepaper" is an endless series of facepalms, including "symmetric RSA-256" which doesn't exist (and real RSA-256 could be cracked in about a second). Then the "cloaking" includes telling nodes your full real transaction.

Is there any metadata secure cryptocurrency that isn't pow?

I wanted to do something with blake3 so I wrote a simple file sync program. Kind of like a 1-file-rsync in 40 lines. Enjoy.

But seriously,
1. Per DoD there is absolutely no expectation that you are or should be restricted to already detected known adversary techniques.
2. If you, your company, or sales dept have a different definition, why should anybody care? Many more people were DoD than your group

Hey, everybody's debating definitions of what a red team is or should be. Let's check the real definitions. There's only two non-wiki dictionaries that define it, DoD and Urban Dictionary.

Well, glad that's settled.

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