I am absolutely in shock. Gret was a friend who devoted his life to helping the less fortunate. DonorSee will go on and continue his life's work. But I can't imagine the pain his wife and little kids are and will be going through. Absolutely senseless.


DYK concurring opinions have the same legal force as dissenting opinions.

Google Project Zero deep dive into one of the exploits - against the DCP coprocessor on iPhones and M1 macs.

McDonald’s is toughening its franchise ownership standards.

Please please let the sole criteria for keeping your franchise be "percent of time ice cream machine is functioning"

humanitarians weigh in on bitcoin 

Tech bros: Bitcoin is horrible, it's a scam, it has no purpose except laundering money, etc

Human rights advocates: Bitcoin is essential

“One could almost excuse the 25 technologists who wrote the anti-crypto letter for not understanding the global impact of bitcoin,” Gladstein said in an interview.

For context, Alex Gladstein is the chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation.

I'm shocked "I think my financial and governance institutions are working great and I don't see a need for alternatives" open letters from wealthy Western tech bros just advertise their own ignorance. And not just about PoW and scaling!


If ncat is really really slow on Windows, and you're still waiting for a patched version, you can use this one. PR's open since Jan.

Please show me the "European" """continent""" on this map

A New Approach to Ending Extreme Poverty

DonorSee launches The Humanity Fund to end extreme poverty.


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