Residential ISP's: Here's your IPv4. 50% of your monthly bill. Use it wisely. Oh and have 4 billion IPv6 addresses free.

Cloud hosting co's: everybody gets an IPv4 for a buck. Absolutely no IPv6 unless you re-create your architecture in another zone and beg for each single one.

I'm currently thinking about cancelling my @Allstate home and auto insurance I've spent thousands of dollars on because they're giving me the runaround on a cheap phone. Other plans have been infinitely better to get stuff fixed.

Never use an @Allstate Squaretrade protection plan @AllstatePP. Broken phone, spent days claiming they couldn't find my plan, then insisted I open a manufacturer ticket even though it was clearly past their coverage. Then silence, for running on 2 more days. Still no phone.

From the DOJ Hive disruption press release:

"Since late July 2022, the FBI has penetrated Hive’s computer networks, captured its decryption keys, and offered them to victims worldwide, preventing victims from having to pay $130 million in ransom demanded. Since infiltrating Hive’s network in July 2022, the FBI has provided over 300 decryption keys to Hive victims who were under attack."


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Sure the alternatives to the emperor might be worse in most cases, but boy does he have no clothes and man is it entertaining to watch the emperor's most ardent defenders like @JohnReedStark making the case against him while really trying to do the opposite.

Every word of this is true for the dollar. The scams are bad, but it's hilarious watching mouth-frothing regulators spew non-sequitors like "How can anyone accept crypto as payment when it could be worth less the very next day?" during spiking inflation.

Do you have Premature Merging syndrome?

Come to my new Zipper Merge Treatment Center.

100% discrete and anonymous. We've helped hundreds just like you!

20 years ago today, I commented on Matt's blog & kicked off the project that became WordPress. Now WordPress powers over 43% of most popular domains. It is made by a worldwide community of thousands of contributors & millions of users. Wow!

Why is gravity so cheap?

Why Because it's mass-produced.

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