I dunno about anywhere else, but I haven't seen anyone with masks on and my drugstore *is* selling out of hand sanitizer. Which makes me wonder, how hard can that stuff be to make? Just dilute rubbing alcohol? Use cheap high-proof vodka?

Intelligence Gain/Loss (IGL) and Technical Gain/Loss (TGL) *I* always pronounced as "Iggle" and "Tiggle" but for some reason that never caught on

Saudi Crown Prince Calls Jeff Bezos To Casually Ask Him About His First Pet, Mother’s Maiden Name, And The Street He Lived On As A Child babylonbee.com/news/saudi-crow via @TheBabylonBee

Ah well, no matter. The San Antonio police union contract got poop sandwich guy his job back, they probably have nothing to fear.

San Antonio is in the news again. Cops lying about why they killed somebody, multiple times in multiple ways. So many officers on the scene originally all saw, heard, and knew the truth; seems none of them told the chief. Something something bad apples?

Oh, yeah, excellent move, #Microsoft - O365 to make Bing the default search engine in Chrome.

Because why not?

RIP my beloved [extract.]ntdsd.it
Got a big Italian email via the registry, presumably to justify owning the domain. The jig is up, but the VM's been retired for a few years anyway. It was fun while it lasted. I made sure it worked too!

Thanks for all the uploads!

Factoring algorithm: Try dividing by each post from botsin.space/@primes and if that fails then just keep waiting for the next post and trying that.

SharpRDP, a .NET console application that can be used to perform authenticated command execution against a remote target for the purposes of lateral movement through RDP without the need of a GUI client or SOCKS proxy. Send Win+R through RDP.

The next version of Google Chrome, while idle, will continuously DDoS Bing with raised middle finger images.

OSINT would be so much easier sometimes if Google used aerial photographs from winter when all the stupid leaves aren't hiding everything interesting

Seems like each time an 0day-revealing talk title, bug embargo email subject line, or vulnerable protocol name leaks, independent researchers have working exploits in hours, sometimes of an entirely separate bug. So why not get ahead of the cycle? Follow twitter.com/0daytips

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