One of my partners just stopped me in the middle of describing a hack...

Me: So I tried running PsExec...
Her: Wait. It's pronounced "Pee Ess Execk"?
Me: Yeah...
Her: I've been pronouncing it "Pee Sexy"
Me: 😳

#hacking #infosex #SysInternal #NoNotThatTypeOfInternal

You say price gouging, I say regulatory capture limiting competition and granting pricing power to incumbents.

This is just so grim. I hate shit like Daily Wire but this seems well researched.

People literally trying to cover for a violent sadistic r*pist because they fear they'll be seen as "transphobic."


apt install package

is just curl | sh with a bit more wrapping paper

Look on the bright side: Car sharing is good for the environment.

“At least three mobile apps tailored to allow drivers to remotely start or unlock their vehicles were found to have security vulnerabilities that could allow unauthenticated malicious types to do the same from afar.”

#infosec #cybersecurity #cars

Excuse me sir... No, no the tread on my tires is fine, I was wondering if you had restaurant recommendations

I asked ChatGPT to write a sarcastic email to customers letting them know that their shitty IoT devices have suffered a security breach.

the one where Santa realizes a glowing red nose would be useless in fog so he goes with the other heavily-bullied reindeer, Sonar, instead

I have spent a lot of time explaining to Russians and Ukrainians that Telegram is not a safe communications channel (I even wrote a Telegram Harm Reduction Guide) but people still use Telegram and they still tell me they do so because it's "safe" and "secure."

I hope that at the very least Telegram users in eastern Ukraine will stop.

Prominently figured is a help email for the scammer:
Unfortunately you can only report a gmail user if they are directly sending spam emails, but if anyone has Google contacts, there's a scammer.

ok, as n00py mentioned, it's a deal where you log in as the junk account but can't transfer out without the transfer password (which you don't have) unless both users are "VIP" which requires you to first deposit money. Bad requests return Chinese error messages. New domain. PHP.

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