The Supreme Court has already effectively ruled that taxing unrealized gains is unconstitutional.

Root escalation for PHP-FPM (all nginx PHP and some apache PHP installs) from low privilege users, like www-data!

"Sparks were flying"

Normal people in relationships: "Awwww"

Electricians: "Cut that off and fix the wiring, amateur"

There's not much more embarrassing as the grandson of an electrician than flipping a breaker by shorting out a light switch. Whoops.

block tracking cookies in the name of privacy, but actually just block non-google tracking cookies. forcing everyone to advertise through Google, in return getting access to data from chrome and android. Google inserts itself into basically every internet business. chilling.

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I see Conti has been reading all the popular anti-hackback scare fiction. How dare you take a ransomware operation offline!

And if their talking points are the same as yours, you might want to think about that.

the age of pronouns in bio is over

it's time for credit card number + expiration date + cvv number in bio

#BOFH excuse #202:

kernel panic: write-only-memory (/dev/wom0) capacity exceeded.

It's still not too late to run

DOT=. wget -m http://101"$DOT"132"$DOT"96"$DOT"154/

New browser Sanitizer API removes dangerous content like scripts from HTML. Won't the obvious use case be "user types in comment to news site, onsubmit runs it through sanitizer before upload" in which case "hacker just skips the client-side sanitization"?

oh, ooookay

so there are magical hidden magic text code shortcuts which just randomly do things and aren't documented or surfaced in the interface, and Sagan help you if you actually WANTED to type '###' as your literally text content

that's not an annoying modern UI trend at all

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