When you use Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you sign a contract promising you can be banned or deleted for any reason, with no recourse.

When you use LBRY, you use software that promises you can never be banned or deleted for any reason, backed by open-source, IEEE-vetted code.

You want a wood fence? Woah friend! You better be happy with gold like everybody else, we're not that rich.

Today's Paradox: should people be required to show their vaccination passport at voting locations where there are masses of people?

Only if it's a photo ID?


The first is so easy and feels good to shoot out. Trying to keep that in mind.

Cloudflare is offering $100,000 to people who can find prior art invalidating another patent troll's patents

A patent troll has used nearly 20-year-old patents to sue 13 companies. @Cloudflare is offering $100k in bounties to those who help find & publish prior art on these patents. blog.cloudflare.com/project-je

BREAKING: 12 instances are forming a EUROPEAN SUPER FEDERATION
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