Hey, I heard you were looking for someone who's a tall, dark (-web surfing), and handsome (-cat owner)

You always realize you needed an anonymizing middlebox for fail-safe isolation *after* your VPN drops for a second and it's too late. Just ask Nickolas Sharp.

This tweet is dedicated to all the real OG's out there who have ever tuned a receiver to 10.0 MHz and just listened.

This seems make to protect abusers, harassers, and bullies. Thieves running smash and grabs can get incriminating evidence pulled, angry neighbors' threats, etc. I could understand insulating kids from permanent consequences, but there's no age limit here. What are they thinking?

Under new Twitter rules, if you get accosted at the mall by someone screaming abuse at you and you film it, you can't post it. That's effectively the change. Newsy events are excluded. Intimate private pics were already banned. It's about public behavior the subject wants to hide

Is there any good page I don't have to sign up or install an app for that will track a walk/bike path? I didn't find one so I did a quick one myself but GPS fixes were very shaky even in high resolution which really messes up distance/speed #'s (or I need complicated algorithms)

Me right now with the Windows Bluetooth team. Except unlike Liam Neeson, I never find them because I can't hear anything.

Upgraded to Windows 11 and now my bluetooth earbuds don't work. Adding and removing them still doesn't work. This is like a bad linux distro. Oh and no way to make the titles show up on the taskbar is awful, thanks.

These FBI capabilities are all surface level/no changes, don't seem to touch NSL's, and don't tell you what services can be compelled to collect in the future if the FBI wanted to push the issue. None of these can be relied upon to be better than WhatsApp.

"frequencies less than a second." uh frequencies aren't measured in seconds. This MDN documentation is wrong in so many ways I just don't have the effort to fork and PR a fix.

on second glance, this could be just run of the mill tax avoidance but still.

Question for those with the "prevent new variants by vaccinating" hot takes, how are you vaccinating a billion deer, among whom SARS-COV-2 is pervasive? Or ~1B bats? Billions of mammals? Or will you try to kill 'em all like mink?

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