I think all weapons available to the police should be available to any person.

I hear the SF police have murder robots.

Via @pluralistic :

"Well, at least that money is going to Coyote Buttes, right? Preserving the petroglyphs and the dinosaur tracks and whatnot?

"Nope. The Bureau of Land Management gets the $7 entry fee from the 64 daily hikers who are lucky enough to visit Coyote Buttes. The $14,400 in lottery fees that the day's hopeful hikers pay to Recreation.gov for a shot at a permit all go to a giant military contractor: Booz Allen."


The knapsack problem, except presents and dollar limits.

"The real present," I assure my kids, "is in understanding NP-completeness"

I am amused that SignalApp joined mastodon.

The fediverse is everything they stand against.

- federation instead of centralization
- open, community driven protocol
- using pseudonyms
- multiple implementations of client and server software

Not sure what I mean, check out their blog post on these topics: signal.org/blog/the-ecosystem-

As for the multiple implementations, Signal denied a request to have a 100% open source fork of their app in F-droid. See for yourself:

Njalla may be the most unhinged company I've ever seen. This is @njalla response to a DHS subpoena. Its deranged and hilarious.

My favorite line was failure to comply may result in "you being laughed at by a feral district Deer''


Wise men say

Only fools rush in

But I can't stop

The feeling

So just dance, dance, dance

I think that's how it goes anyway

🤔 Google pushes emergency Chrome update to fix 8th zero-day in 2022. "Google is aware that an exploit for CVE-2022-4135 exists in the wild," bleepingcomputer.com/news/secu #infosec #zeroday

Shoot for the moon. If you miss, reload and fire again. The moon must be stopped at all costs.

security-bros be like: on one hand, meeting family is a good opportunity for key signing on the other hand, having a family is attack surface

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BTW. This complicated thing about metadata is the main reason why I have misgivings about the "stories" in signal: they would create conversations between each of their users and ~all their contacts, which would show more of the social graph to anyone with ability to monitor what signal the service is doing.

were we supposed to take the turkey out of the freezer before now?

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