Me: obsessively refreshing package tracking page
Package tracking page:

Remember when iPhone was supposed to be secure?

I'm having trouble even finding a local privilege escalation ITW 0day that was discovered working on the latest Pixel, much less 5-10 full chains including major 0clicks.

New iPhone zero click root actively exploited in the wild. Not to be confused with April ITW exploited 0days. Or the FORCEDENTRY 0click from 2021. Or the14 0day bugs in 5 complete chains exploited in 2019.

Has there ever been an ITW Pixel 0click 0day?

True fact: each time you use port forwarding, a portion of the fees goes towards purchasing a bottle of port for the development team.

Well I'm glad I can reason through these "counterfactual conditional hypotheticals." I can't imagine what life would be like if not.

So it turns out a "dissertation" is not a collection of diss track lyrics. 0/10, boring, would not recommend.

Who's complaining about stopping in the middle of the road now?

When David Smith, Joseph Myers (@jsm28), Chaim Goodman-Strauss and I posted our paper "An aperiodic monotile" ( back in March, we answered the open problem of whether a single shape could tile the plane aperiodically.

Some people observed that tilings by the "hat" used both unreflected and reflected tiles. Although the einstein problem was answered, in some contexts (e.g., tile floors), you'd likely have to manufacture two separate tiles. Our paper left open the question of whether a shape could tile aperiodically using translations and rotations only, with no reflections.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but then, on March 26th, Dave noticed something interesting. (1/n)

If I wanted to record a time lapse video of a long bike ride, like 5-6 hours (into like 10 min of video) what's the best way of doing that? Is there something like a GoPro or insta360 that will last that long or am I doomed to duct tape a clunky external battery to one of those?

Anybody else use meta code verify and get a @WhatsApp validation failure on a successful WhatsApp web page load? If I just got pwned I guess they now have all my messages. Oh and if the DoS bug crashes your group, you have to use WhatsApp Web to fix it. Yay.

Huh, I missed bittrex going under. Pour one out for another exchange

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