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The rules of social media

  • Don't rage about something said by a person you've never previously heard of. It's almost certainly a straw man - an offensive and lazy caricature of a group of people you hate. It usually wasn't even real; just satire or a fake account to dunk on. In the rare event it was real, it's deliberately provocative to get rage-shares. Don't give them the attention they want. If you've never heard of them before, ignore it.
  • If you've already seen a dozen posts by different people taking the same stand, don't join in. The 13th post saying the same thing will not convince anyone. No one is taking roll call. You aren't helping, you are just mindlessly spamming.
  • Also don't rage post over something said by a person who has never heard of you and probably never will. Yelling at famous people achieves nothing.
  • No one posts as much as someone who just said they're taking a break from social media and not going to post any more. If you want to stop posting, just stop.
  • Don't hate on other people getting or having good things. Your envy and any actions you take on it will *never* help and will *always* hurt you and others. There are no exceptions. Especially if it's "not fair" that they have whatever.
  • How severely someone reacted to something is not evidence for how bad it is. "I'm scared to go in the street!" is not evidence the streets are dangerous. "Mayor asks famous doctor if Pong turns kids to zombies" is no evidence Pong can zombify you or that the doctor thinks so.
  • Whenever somebody's caught on video saying something awful their fans assert it's "deceptively edited". Don't just say that. Link to the unedited video & list exactly what was cut out that invalidates the rest, or you're just trying to pretend it didn't happen.
  • There is not one post worth sharing that begs you to share it. If it has to tell you to re-post or tag friends, it's not worth re-posting. Decide which ones are worth sharing yourself.