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Don't ruin thanksgiving by talking about politics. Ruin it by asking that one special academic/writer family member how their manuscript is coming along

why do we call it “dad joke” and not “corny on main” publish toot

"Ceding public debates over vulnerabilities equities entirely to industry defenders & academics with little to no input from offensive practitioners once again seems like it will likely lead to poor policy outcomes"

Well actually I run the PassivityPub protocol since I just lurk

BREAKING: Free Software Foundation announces that the GIMP ("GNU Image Manipulation Program") will finally shed its controversial name, becoming LIGMA ("Libre Image and Graphics Manipulation Application") early next year.

Every instance sowing: Someone looked at me funny on that other server, block them all! Haha, yeah!

Every instance reaping: You don't like that account on my server and want to block us all? Come on guys, can't we just have some dialog? There's a lot of good people here, let's just chill!

Server is really offended that people would block them for hosting one disfavored account.

Server uses fediblock list to block other servers. Virtually every server block in that list is because of a single account.

Something about specks and logs, pots and kettles

93% of Paint Splatters are Valid Perl Programs

> In this paper, we aim to answer a long-standing open problem in the programming languages community: is it possible to smear paint on the wall without creating valid Perl?

> We answer this question in the affirmative: it is possible to smear paint on the wall without creating a valid Perl program. We employ an empirical approach, using OCR software, which finds that merely 93% of paint splatters parse as valid Perl.


I’m confused by this article.

The premise seems to be that because a bunch of bad actors were granted trials of Corellium’s SaaS, they’re doing business with them? It seems kind of amazing that they’re doing manual verification of trial SaaS accounts at all - although I suspect that’s at least in part to avoid people gaming trials for free use. I can’t imagine every sales rep knows every bad actor, especially if they’re not sanctioned. Most SaaS companies definitely don’t do that.

If you’re doing iOS research - from app pen testing to platform security - you’re going to be interested in Corellium. Is that the story?

What am I missing @lorenzofb ?

"Twitter could have an outage in the next few months!" is the new "the good ol days when kids could roam freely." They objectively were not safer but people think so and desperately idealize them.

Twitter had huge outages in the past few months but nobody remembers those either.

What are the bars that actually taste good? people I need something like a clif bar with protein, carbs, not all fat/sugar, but that doesn't taste like a healthy choice 😅

@jon being the lead designer on Twitter’s abuse team does not give you the credibility that you seem to think it does

Thanks for helping out lil cat 😂

She insisted on sitting on my lap, but I have work I need to get done, so here is where we ended up

Somebody did an entire "coolest jobs in info sec" and not *once* mentioned vulnerability logo creator. SMH

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