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So it turns out balsa wood is an integral component in wind turbine blades - and that the demand for ever more is leading to increased deforestation of the Amazon...🤔

Whoops 😂

@coachtony I’ve seen more than one person, fairly successful on certain other social networks (ahem), pop onto Mastodon with the same, “Did you like this toot? Then you’ll LOVE my daily newsletter!!!” schtick … only to later leave Mastodon and say, “That platform didn’t work for me.”

I think a lot of the “creator economy” approaches, designed to optimize attention for Twitter’s algorithms, fail here, because they come across as people selling Amway at your kid’s birthday party.

"Sorry, for reasons beyond my control, I am unable to work today"

A Möbius strip walks into a bar, sobbing.

Bartender: “What’s wrong buddy?”

Strip: “Where do I even begin?”

GitHub security researcher Kevin Blackhouse has discovered an authentication bypass (CVE-2023-2283) in the Libssh library that can allow a remote attacker to gain unauthorized access to a user's account via SSH.

Your bathroom scale measures force, not mass.
Pounds, not kilograms.
The metric system is a lie.

computers used to have a TURBO button but they took it away because the ruling class trembles at the thought of an empowered populace

I'd like to be proven wrong, but I can't help feeling that bluesky gets so much positive tech press because the tech press just loves exclusivity.

"Bluesky is just some much more fun [than Mastodon/Musk Twitter]."

Well, yes, it is invite-only pulling in the most popular people from Twitter; it doesn't have to actively deal with people trying to test the boundaries of the platform.

Again, I implore people who don't regularly crack passwords to talk to people who do before publishing things.

Specops lists rainbow tables as still a thing, with no caveats. Rainbow tables are such a minor niche now, with such limited usefulness, that it's irresponsible to not say so in writeups. And no one uses Ophcrack anymore. And stating that weakly-hashes passwords means that "A system that stores user password hashes with one of these algorithms could have its entire database cracked quickly." is flat-out false.

#specops #passwordcracking

Bob learns Alice and 1/3 the office go bowling after work to relax and never invited him. He angrily emails that heavy bowling balls are NOT SAFE & physical activity DOESN'T WORK to relax and bowling should be BANNED. A long safe effective track record doesn't sway him. Poor Bob.

pet peeve: programs that try to be clever when displaying dates.

eg. "last modified 13 seconds ago"

It's already incorrect as soon as you read it and becomes more so the longer it sits in your terminal / web browser etc.

I'm currently looking at a tab on Codeberg that says it was updated "9 months ago". Which precise date and time? It matters. Just show me the timestamp! I'm trying to compare a ticket to a git commit see which happened first.

Status: no idea.

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