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Just saw Servo is getting full time developers again in 2023!

Servo is the "write a browser in Rust" project Mozilla started in 2012 (and which created the whole Rust language as part of the work) - they stopped working on it a few years ago

The new development looks like it's backed by Igalia - "a private, worker-owned, employee-run cooperative model consultancy focused on open source software" based in Spain:


Guccifer -- not the Russian one that hacked the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 but the Romanian one whose 2013 hacks exposed Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and supposedly inspired the later Russian Guccifer (Guccifer 2.0) -- speaks for the first time since leaving a U.S. prison in 2021.

I recently learned about the “public suffix list” (CORS wouldn’t work without it!) and now I’m wondering … how many other lesser-known hacks are out there that keep the internet from imploding?

This is fascinating! The Braille Institute has developed a font - free to download - that's designed to be clearer for readers with lower vision.

An example of one of the aspects of low legibility that they tackled attached.

It's named Atkinson Hyperlegible. Atkinson was the Institute's founder -

Here's where you can read about the font and download it:


Via @tombofnull

Hey remember the whole Zika panic a few years ago? Turns out it was bogus. Really bad science hyped with leaks to sensationalized reporters instead of peer review. Later better quality refuting studies drowned out. But a real wave of panic and overreaction

I am shocked to announce that details of the leak investigation have, in fact, leaked.

@jmw150 Repost of THE D&D ALIGNMENT CHART OF “HOW TO GET A THEOREM NAMED AFTER YOU” with image description.

Possible source of the image with some discussion:

Our investigation also revealed that DEF CON is not the only security conference to receive complaints about Mr. Hadnagy’s behavior. For example, Black Hat received complaints, conducted their own investigation and removed Mr. Hadnagy from their Review Board.

We thank the DEF CON community for supporting our efforts to uphold our Code of Conduct.

All the court documents are available here:

Additional context:
- During our investigation we spoke directly with Mr. Hadnagy about claims of his violations of our Code of Conduct. He confirmed his behavior, and agreed to stop. Unfortunately, the behavior did not stop.

- Before DEF CON finalized our response, Mr. Hadnagy informed us that his Social Engineering Village would not be returning to DEF CON.

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Having used Linux for something like 25 years, I think there's just one immutable rule: don't even bother learning the syntax of the firewall tool, they're gonna replace it in two years anyway.

jehovahs fitnessess - a cult of hunks who go door to door demanding you go to the gym

Announcing #Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023! #Tesla returns with a new Steam VM escape category. #Windows DNS & ISC BIND are new. macOS return in the LPE category and much more. 7 categories total with more than $1,000,000 USD available in cash and prizes. Check out the details at

Suicide mention 

Ten years ago, #AaronSwartz died by suicide following a prolonged and relentless crusade by the U.S. judiciary to prosecute him for allegedly downloading academic articles.

After his death, @freedomofpress took over maintenance of the open source whistleblower submission platform he had been developing, now called SecureDrop, hoping to get news orgs to adopt it. It's now used by dozens of news outlets worldwide.

Thank you, Aaron. ❤️ We are honored to carry on your legacy.

Now that all airlines are shut down because of an FAA screw up, Southwest should demand an investigation into Pete Buttigieg.

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