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Dear everyone, I would love to post about anything else, but please.
It's "Mastodon"
Not "Mastadon"

And I would severely caution you before believing whatever hot take somebody is dropping if the same person couldn't be bothered to know how to spell it.

I teach security and privacy to people at risk of serious harm for their desire of basic human rights.

They can't risk using closed platforms that demand they give up PII like phone numbers.

This is why I have no time for "security" or "privacy" communities that expect people use things like Discord, Signal, or Telegram.

I would love to see people put actual money on how many outages they think Twitter will have in the year post-acquisition. Will it be more than the year pre-acquisition? Remember, two outages in Feb, global outage in July, and Aug

"The evidence for a direct vascular or heath risk from eating meat regularly is very low, to the point that there is probably no risk. There is, however, more evidence for a health risk from eating too few vegetables."

Servers $200
Data $150
Salaries $800
Crypto Slush Fund $3,600,000,000
"Loans" to CEO's side gig $5,000,000,000
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my crypto exchange is dying

@nyquildotorg @aral I wish I had the time to really dive into something like rustodon

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"The startling inefficiencies involved in how Mastodon distributes content have been on my mind for a long time."
- @nyquildotorg
This article by @aral is excellent. It's painful to read about all the job creation, sidekiq queues, artificial limits, delays, and costs involved with making a few thousand POST's to distribute a toot, being used to scanners like masscan or nmap blasting millions of requests per second with little memory/CPU.

"Dad, can you tell me what a solar eclipse is?"

No sun.


Ok but why did the infosec mastodon server install a fork to let anyone put HTML in their posts? A fork with a readme that only says "anyone who uses that does so absolutely at their own risk"?

No need to bring back MySpace. @samykamkar already got it.

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