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@neglesaks @dave Finally, some good fucking posts with real analysis.

And, at the same time, proof that the reason Twitter is absolute trash for public discourse is the character limit. It's much easier to strawman someone when your reply links to an eighth of the statement your opponent actually made.

BRB taking a bus full of undetected malware to dump off in the street in front of the XDR companies who keep saying they're secure

ok but when they're not on github you can't scan their source and find some glaring RCE's in the controller. Where's the list of C2's again?

seen elsewhere...

What do you do if your child starts eating electrical cords?


You ground them until they start conducting themselves better.

I tend to believe the modern scientific consensus about cosmology, but my cat insists we live in a feliocentric universe

That's why Mark Zuckerberg supports eliminating CDA230. As he is fond of pointing out, Facebook's budget for human moderators exceeds Twitter's total *revenue*. He understands that if you need to be as big as Facebook to compete with Facebook that:

a) No company will ever compete with Facebook, and

b) No government will ever make Facebook any smaller.


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If anybody cares about results anymore, "despite" the brief recent downtime KF is both up and has had more user signups in the past few weeks than nearly the entire previous year. But the important thing is that everybody felt good yelling for a bit and got a sticker, right?

The Kiwi Farms/Parler/8chan standard is "If anyone posts something unsavory on your website, you're OVER. You're DONE." The big tech monopolies are NEVER held to anything like that standard. As far as I can tell, they haven't gotten even so much as a fine for FAR FAR more egregious stuff than posting the deadname of some tranny on Twitter.

Meanwhile, if you try to create competition of any kind, you're expected to be a time travelling mind reader and police every waking thought of anyone who is associated with your website in any conceivable way.

The fix is in. The moat is uncrossable.

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