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And I'm not happy our highest court is making decisions on what measures are necessary to fight COVID in apparent ignorance of how it's spreading.

Your TV schedules and sports rosters are in chaos because most of the boosted late night show hosts and many athletes just got COVID

I would've agreed for Alpha/Delta but the spread of COVID is highest in many of the most vaccinated areas of the country and it is just sweeping through vaccinated people. The best way to stop spread if you need to be near someone is N95's or better.

A Supreme Court justice just declared that vaccination is the most effective way to stop spread of COVID in the workplace, better than masks & isolation. And this was not challenged. During a wave of infections in which vaccines are having negligible effect in preventing spread.

This is the indictment btw. Encrypted messages mentioned were from 2018 and 2019. The delay is also not explained.

Egyptian agent arrested apparently based on evidence collected from an "encrypted messaging application" - the method used to obtain the encrypted messages was not revealed in the indictment.

Blaming cryptocurrency for a revolt that may topple a dictator... I don't know whether to be more embarrassed people think this or that they think it's an outrage.

I'm still miffed in 2010, after decades of memory corruption bugs (for which Chrome spent enormous effort mitigating) the Chrome team decided, "let's write a PDF viewer in C/C++" as Mozilla wrote one in JS. 12 years later and still fixing memory bugs in it

the autocorrect/swipe-added d typo here will bug me to no end.

This is the case graph of the largest, most prominent western country with the strongest isolation and restrictions. It seemed like it worked for a while... until an omicron outbreak. How can anyone still think a global zero COVID/elimination is feasible?

Let it? It already is endemic among many animal species and routinely hops back and forth. How are you going to convinced the mice from whom omicron came to wear N95's?

TIL there's a map of all the roads with the ones under construction highlighted. The roads not under construction are in black. If you zoom in real close you can find one.

Who could have predicted the strategy to bypass all 11 "state-of-the-art" "next-gen" "EDR" "XDR" "solutions" is... just yolo basically any beacon from an old domain.

How does a progress meter go from 99% to 98% !?

I wish I were joking.

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