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Getting a billion dollars from hacking then trying to cash out non-anonymously and getting caught is just ... incredible. Laundering is always the problem, isn't it?

Programming, misinformation 


7:30 AM - Package on truck, out for delivery
10:30 PM - Package actually drops on doorstep

Every time. Stop showing me commute times to downtown, Zillow, I want to know what stinkin neighborhood's first for the Amazon deliveries.

This is going around now, and is absolute garbage. The 99% are running security products like Defender that are operated by the 1%ers and benefit from IOC's and PoC's. They use services like Gmail operated by 1%ers who will scan attachments and links looking for IOC's and PoC's.

All the big tech companies are killing it, except Twitter. Twitter's userbase is dying but don't worry, there are more ads than ever before!

Yelling at real officials is much more satisfying than yelling at computers. But honestly, we've been doing it professionally for years so there's no good reason sports can't have the same experience.

"TLS software developers keep falling victim to one of the classic blunders—the best known of which is thinking “I can write something better than this widely used schlock,” but almost as well known is “renaming things that already have a standard name.”" #tlsmastery

You know what started the whole downward spiral leading to 2020? When @HexRaysSA added undo to IDA a few months prior. Some things were not meant to be.

Confession: cryptographers are great, but terrible at naming. Like naming your gpg-killer "age" - you've just made it completely unsearchable. Not to mention, let's think through the awkwardness of asking for someone's key: "What's your age?"

If you want to leave GitHub due to their recent bad behavior but still need a presence there, you can absolutely do that.

What FOSS developers provide them is credibility. If you move your cool projects elsewhere and mirror them to Github with a pointer to the real repo, the message is clear: you're only on Github because you have to be.

Boycotting $BIG_COMPANY 95% of the time is almost as effective as boycotting it 100% of the time; this isn't an all-or-nothing deal.

I don't have a soundcloud, so why don't you go to and help some people who really need it.

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