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Cert instructions nearly always include

openssl req -new -key my.key -out my.csr

which interactively prompts you to type in all the fields. This is non-automated, error-prone, and generally annoying. Instead use

openssl req -new -key my.key -out my.csr -subj /C=US/O=myco/CN=Me

"You shouldn't implement this security measure for your site's logins because it will only protect your site's logins and not other sites you have no control or influence over" is definitely the most head scratching hot take today.

> We decided to shut the site down on August 27, 2020.

Hm, bad news in terms of information sharing since a lot of nice articles have been written.

Hopefully people will consider moving on to their own writing platforms aka not Medium.

I don't know what they're doing to game the @googlenews algorithm, but Motley Fool is basically an endless series of pump and dump scams so this probably shouldn't happen. This section is supposedly not personalized, can anyone else confirm?

These two are fundamentally different questions and treating them as equivalent assumes away half the debate

"not in the hands of government experts" Like OPM, CIA, and NSA were? I swear this faith assumption is so unshakeable no contact with reality will change it. The organization DT runs is not more competent or better incentivized than you are.

Bill Gates' account hacked and they didn't post one thing about 5G COVID conspiracies. Wasted opportunity tbh

Anybody tried using the API to post a tweet and just manually editing the "from" field like SMTP?

It's not enough to be passively anti-memory corruption vulnerabilities, we must be actively pro-Rust

The official US vaccine trial signup site is here if you're interested. Especially if you are high risk of exposure.

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