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Manufacturer's DRM attempts to prevent repairs of ventilators and other critical medical equipment except via expensive and often unavailable manufacturer-approved avenues. Grey market hackers sell dongles to circumvent it.

Microsoft steals name of Linux Desktop project (MauiKit and the Maui distribution) for their project that does the same thing and then blames Linux community for using that name to begin with (which is obvious trademark infringement as they've both had those names for years now). Abusing power over GitHub to then delete any issues on their project related to the name collision and deny they are at fault for ignoring the first search result that comes up for the name Maui.

You can tell they are trying to embrace, extend, and extinguish. But with blunders like this and the way their megacorp stooge bosses like to handle it they won't be extending anything.

I think it's a waste of money to throw a billion dollar bills from a helicopter over the city, and if someone did that, I'm not going to run around and criticize the people salvaging them. So stop gushing over your "X took PPP" posts.

Isn't it too late to get on the ballot in a lot of states?

SAML just always seemed like a bad idea to be honest

Any website could get remote code execution on systems with Kensington mice. How could this happen? Hint: yes, Electron is involved.

Before donating to a gofundme, go to internet archive and check that URL. You often find the goal was set initially lower. Then once the money poured in, it was jacked up to keep asking for more. If there's not a good explanation, donate to a different one instead.

I don't want to download hundreds of megabytes of install files each time to enable .net 3.5 on every box. Can I have an offline installer for Windows 10?

Microsoft: lol no

This is sad but true. The mobile duopoly is far more abusive than the Windows monopoly ever was. But the fact that it is a duopoly is the reason it will probably go on with far fewer legal headaches than Microsoft ever had.

@SAMetroHealth Over the past week, did 71 new people get hospitalized or did 239 net new people get hospitalized? The way it's going in a few days the mayor will report more people currently hospitalized than the cumulative total who have ever been. This makes no sense. What's going on?

1 week ago @SAMetroHealth reported 506 people "Ever Hospitalized" for COVID-19, with 167 "COVID Positive Patients" (described by the mayor as currently hospitalized). OK, but today they say 587 ever hospitalized (+71) with 406 (+239) currently hospitalized. This makes no sense.

58% are 20-29 years old? Wow. I know you're low risk; even in the worst US cities 20yo's risk of death wasn't greater than normal causes like car accidents. Maybe you don't even live near your parents, but people you spread it to do. Ease it up please.

SAPD finally got feces sandwich cop fired. Read it all. This is who the union stood behind, prevented from being fired, for years. You can't get the worst apples out until you end these collective bargaining agreements protecting them.

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