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RT @averagesecguy: Hey and you should be paying attention to this. This will have an adverse affect on any of you who are…

RT @HumanProgress: According to the U.S. economist Thomas Sowell:
"Most working Americans, who were initially in the bottom 20% of income-…

RT @LisaForteUK: I shouldn’t find this funny but I do and I’m sorry for that! 😂

RT @seanhn: Slides from my CCS talk today on exploit generation (View via View->Present or they won't make sense) O…

RT @citronneur: Very proud to release ComIDA! An plugin that searches all COM GUID and for Hex-Ray users, infers type with CoCreateIns…

RT @benheise: So... why did mastodon never catch on, again?

Way to go, @EFF and Bruce Perens on your award! "Mr Perens' blog post was an expression of opinion based on stated, true facts. OSS’s lawsuit was designed to silence Mr Perens and to punish him for expressing his opinion."

I'd bet clipboard logging gets about 90% of the useful info that keylogging does. Have any of you deployed both significantly enough to compare?

Even allowing a possibility of finding a flaw is treated like an existential threat to the party, even if it's fixable. We don't want to know if we might be wrong. Every side does it and it's a big reason we have few answers to our biggest issues like:

Everybody's pointing out that the Iowa DNC refused multiple offers of assistance from DHS etc. to validate their app. Why? I think it's cultural. Political parties exist to drum up unyielding support for candidates, not to question whether they might be wrong.

So we still don't know, or nobody's saying what the Iowa problem is?

In the absence of details we must assume whoever runs DNS for the DNC is having a bad day right now.

They don't even give you a dinosaur game. Anybody have other good alternatives to a productive day collaborating with your team?

Microsoft Teams is broken apparently. It won't show on any browser. I don't know whether to be more disappointed at Microsoft or the whole idea of centralized communications systems.

The real question, without Teams what am I going to with gigs and gigs of free RAM?

SF tech biz forks out $146m in fines, settlements after painkiller makers bribed it to design medical software that pushed opioids to patients

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