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You have to admit it's kind of ironic that so many ransomware attacks hit state/local governments. I mean, they're being forced to pay money just to keep using the property they've already purchased and paid for! Terrible. Who would do that?

"WARNING: this software was created by an organization that thinks GUIDs are good way of identifying things."

And if you don't put the warning label on then the police take all your pets' and kids' names and replace them with long hexadecimal strings.

Imagine being in the Cylance PR team drafting a statement disavowing the ISIS emoji bomber in case anybody asks

Phineas Fisher forensic analysis
Metasploit, PowerSploit, Nishang

In Georgia you can be prosecuted for looking at a computer funny, in the rest of the US you have to mistype a URL to get prosecuted under the CFAA, but in Canada I'm pretty sure you can't get prosecuted at all because they only have the CFA-Eh

The problem with long term economic analyses is the difference in goods quality. When I was a little kid I could get some lame Coke or Sprite, now drink machines provide peach cream soda & Cherry Vanilla Coke which are a bazillion infinity times better (ℵ1 for you math nerds)

Google employs extensive manual curation of search results. Big advertisers seem to have increased influence. Google denies political tweaks, only promoting the best and most relevant results (opinions for which, of course, are frequently highly political)

"we felt that this is a shady thing that Google can update Chrome silently without announcing anything"
Hasn't Chrome been silently rolling out updates for over a decade? Did the admins not know this? Or did Google not bump the version number? I'm confused

What will do more to stop SIM swapping attacks, Michael Terpin's $224M AT&T Lawsuit or the Meiggs & Harrington arrests?

Baseball signals are possibly the most fascinating cryptologic problem. Stealing signs is illegal but you can't really prohibit seeing and understanding what's in plain sight. Message must be decoded in your head in <5s while distracted.

Not at the violence of course but the guy's profile is just... I mean he's the hero the internet was built to produce.

What's a six letter networking company? Or 7 if it overlaps the number, like...

Using azure to catch shells from other azure resources.

Avoids data egress charges.

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