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I'm kind of astonished that the basic science here is so rarely discussed.

"Most cigarette smokers don’t die of lung cancer. But we have made it widely known that cigarettes cause cancer, full stop. Most people who drink and drive don’t have fatal accidents. But we have highlighted the cases of those who do. We need equally unambiguous and well-funded advertising campaigns on the risks of cannabis."

POC: CVE-2019-12874 - Double Free RCE in VLC by Pentestpartners -
Reading: 22 min
Published: 06/22/2019

Blog post: Kali Linux Roadmap (2019/2020) -
Reading: 5 min
Published: 06/19/2019

@goat - I was responding to a friend in a twitter convo and apparently typed too fast. Twitter thought I was conducting “unusual” and “automated” behavior.

So they restricted me and wanted to verify me by sending a code to my phone number. I can’t access my account until I type in the code.

I no longer have access to that phone number :P

So... I guess I’m shit out of luck.

> News Corp Australia says a federal police raid on one of its senior reporters (Annika Smethurst, political reporter) today will “chill public interest reporting” and was a “dangerous act of intimidation” toward journalists.

> It is understood the raid was in relation to an April 2018 story which said the Defence and Home Affairs ministries discussed new espionage powers that would see the Australian Signals Directorate monitor Australian citizens for the first time.

I remotely rebooted a freezing box...

and it came back!

Come see my show in Vegas.

Also, I'd love to see these benchmarks with PowerShell on there. I have a feeling it might go off the charts in the bad direction.

MozDef: The Mozilla Defense Platform

The Mozilla Defense Platform (MozDef) as a set of micro-services you can use as an open source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) overlay on top of Elasticsearch.

Back on mastodon! This time not running a shared server.

Me and a few friends are starting up a new Infosec conference in my home base of Waterloo, Ontario. Details are on Twitter but I'm re-posting here for those who may be interested. Come have a look!


We are very excited to announce that we will be holding a #cybersecurity and #privacy conference in #waterlooregion @Catalyst137kw on 01.10.2019!!

Call for papers and registration will open up soon.

Follow us for all the details!


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