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I keep hitting hills thinking "that was steep!" only to get utterly gaslit by @ridewithgps rating it 2% grade.

But wait,
1183 - 1133 = 50 ft gain
Not 23

+50 ft / 478 ft dist = 10.46% avg grade
Not 2.5%
Or 1.8%
And max is way > 5.5%
Seriously, where do these numbers come from?

Drain Putin's strengths, and, in contrast with sanctions, increase our economy. Use our asymmetric advantages. Couldn't agree more.

OS grousing 

I get cross whenever people tell me that I'm going to like Macs just because I live in the command line. It's just not the same at all, and the small bits of similarity make it so much worse.

For me the most annoying thing is when GNU options aren't supported because 25 years ago rms pwned Steve Jobs with the GPL.

Like, how the heck am I supposed to grep without PCRE?

Using POSIX regexes like a peasant?!?!

I don't know how anyone can stand to live in such an undignified way.

Also worth pointing out: the proxy add-on does not require you to grant it any permissions. It can't see your surfing.
And of course you won't be an exit node either; your IP won't be used to hit a website.

@nsmckinnon Awww, one very similar to that in the old neighborhood who would hang out outside our house. She would defend us from the neighbor's dog. The best cat.

Tehran, IRNA - Vice-President of the Judiciary for International Affairs and Secretary General of the Islamic Republic of Iran's High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi condemned suppressing peaceful protests in Canada.


NBC reporting that a US Olympic multi-gold and silver ski medalist lost 2 sponsors since he eats meat he hunts. So it's better to eat animals that have been stuck in a tiny cage their whole lives on a factory farm and pumped full of antibiotics? I don't understand people.

One core is maxed out with TiWorker; a Microsoft update compiling .NET code for your box. Which will repeat on most other systems with the same CPU in the world. Another core is maxed out as Windows Defender scans the same. Forget cryptocurrency, tell me the energy waste of this.

There's only two steps, first you decode into a URL, then just go with it. Because URLs are safe. Nobody complains about those when shared on TV, payment terminals, anywhere.