I think all weapons available to the police should be available to any person.

I hear the SF police have murder robots.

Via @pluralistic :

"Well, at least that money is going to Coyote Buttes, right? Preserving the petroglyphs and the dinosaur tracks and whatnot?

"Nope. The Bureau of Land Management gets the $7 entry fee from the 64 daily hikers who are lucky enough to visit Coyote Buttes. The $14,400 in lottery fees that the day's hopeful hikers pay to Recreation.gov for a shot at a permit all go to a giant military contractor: Booz Allen."


@BagheeraAltered It's pretty simple, usually you just:
Step 0: Learn various programming languages
Step 1: Study the fediverse's activitypub protocol
Step 2: Write a crawler
Step 3: Build big data pipeline
Step 4: Run enormous cloud computing bills
Step 5: Dodge instance mods' blocks
Step 6: Realize you misplaced a semicolon and everything is corrupt
Step 7: Give up

The knapsack problem, except presents and dollar limits.

"The real present," I assure my kids, "is in understanding NP-completeness"

@icare4america @melmc I'd love to see real numbers but that study is junk. They didn't measure use at all, they just assumed EV drivers drove far less than gas cars based on factors they basically just made up.

"we adjust the annual mileage for each vehicle dependent on its reported all-electric range"

An electric with a range of 200 miles isn't driven half as much as a gas with a 400 mile range. It's driven probably exactly the same, with an extra 20m charge stop on the rare 6 hour drive.

@furgar "will be offered" oh please, they're going to steal them

I am amused that SignalApp joined mastodon.

The fediverse is everything they stand against.

- federation instead of centralization
- open, community driven protocol
- using pseudonyms
- multiple implementations of client and server software

Not sure what I mean, check out their blog post on these topics: signal.org/blog/the-ecosystem-

As for the multiple implementations, Signal denied a request to have a 100% open source fork of their app in F-droid. See for yourself:

@noperator look, implants weren't meant to be safe. Real men code implants entirely out of razor blades, C, and sulfuric acid. It ain't your box you're crashing.

But yeah I like rust

Njalla may be the most unhinged company I've ever seen. This is @njalla response to a DHS subpoena. Its deranged and hilarious.

My favorite line was failure to comply may result in "you being laughed at by a feral district Deer''


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