VC: *squirms in his chair, visibly uncomfortable*
Me: No, it's not just a SIEM, it uses your events as building blocks for rock/hip hop lyrics. I call it "Linkin Logs"

We just dealt with a really nasty case of food poisoning here. The only member of the group to order the salad that night.

hey folks? fix your fuckin' email parsers. the only way to validate an email address is to send email to it, and i promise that .codes is a real domain.

Hey, good time to remind everyone that you can easily opt out of some of the exploitation of your social network to feed surveillance or ad datasets by hiding your network. You could also opt out of search indexing, but that doesn't really stop any scrapers.

Update. Turns out that John #Deere has been using open code under the #GPL w/o living up to the license. The Software Freedom Conservancy (@conservancy) is calling on it to comply — which would greatly enhance #farmers' #RightToRepair.

"We…publicly call on John Deere to immediately resolve all of its outstanding GPL violations…by providing complete source code…that the GPL & other copyleft licenses require, to the farmers & others who are entitled to it."


CVE-2023-21036 / acropalypse is absolutely bonkers.

Apparently for 5+ years the cropping / editing tools for screenshots on Google Pixel phones was only overwriting the start of the screenshot PNG file, but not truncating.

All screenshots shared for the past 5+ years might have data recoverable from them. Demo available at

Google still hasn't communicated anything on this.

(h/t ItsSimonTime on Musk's site)

Understanding a Payload's Life (featuring Meterpreter & other guests)
by @DaniLJ94
<- this is great

Isn't the MiG-29 and its engines etc. made in Russia? So how do the various allies supplying them to fight against Russia get spare parts and maintenance stuff?

stop using discord as a wiki
stop using discord as a forum
stop using discord as a file host
stop using discord as a storefront

discord is an instant messenger
it is a centrally hosted cloud service
it will eventually shut down
it has no archival functionality

moving away from IRC was a mistake
anti-discord action

@dave every personal story on Reddit is fake but I'm pretty sure this one is also a joke.

@catsalad we have a bunch of openings for vehicle cyber security, security engineering, and IT security. Any of that sound interesting?

I argue we (#curl) should NOT pay docker. Not give in to extortion. This might mean that someone else soon suddenly will register our name and can serve whatever image they want there. 5 *billion* pulls indicate there's a user or two that might fall victim for this.

That's on docker, not us.

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