@be Why don't they use a 1TB RAM machine and do it in seconds? Dell says the R940xa can do over 15TB of memory. I'm sure a lot is CPU-bound, but you can't tell me writing 400GB of small files isn't a bit part of that wait.

@shebang ASML makes lithography machines that make the chips at the root of all our tech.

The long night is over, the dawn is breaking.

JIF is back in stock.

It's this microcosm of the web universe being entirely disjoint from the systems universe and never the twain shall meet. You can almost hear the WebCrypto people say
"Why would you ever need to verify something not signed by a webpage? Where would the message even come from?"

Why does WebCrypto have to use a different signature format than OpenSSL for the same ECDSA keys? I suppose I need to extract out the R and S out of ASN.1 and slap them back together but it doesn't seem to work and I seem to be the only person on the internet doing this.

New traffic light protocol released, however we can't share it with you publicly, we can only make vague restatements of the same content to feel more like part of an exclusive club.

The 2022 make-a-USB-C-display-adapter-that-won't-melt-steel-beams challenge

Microsoft blocks Tutanota users from own service: Tutanota users can't register a Microsoft Teams account and Microsoft won't change this.


@atoponce @zseri Also, I've got like a terabyte of backups in bottom tier cloud storage costing me like $1.50 a year. Source code isn't that big. If these projects are really not accessed much, no way they can't do a little engineering and port this stuff to dirt cheap hosting. $1m seems nuts to me. We can wait a few extra seconds to clone them.

@atyh at this particular moment I'm still waiting a few more weeks until I can get back on my bike from breaking my arm in two so I guess I'm just slightly non invincible. Sprinting up the mountains will resume shortly though.

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