They'll say, no one can see us
That we're estranged and all alone
They believe nothing can reach us
And pull us out of the boundless gloom
And the fragile can't be saved
And we won't rise up and slay giants

They're wrong

Slamming our house right now. So loud. This entire city's housing and all cars not in garages will need new roofs.

Imagine writing this in a major news publication: "Unlike Chromium browsers, Firefox is built using Rust, a safety-focused programming language which is specifically designed to be memory safe." And your reference is the Wikipedia article on Rust. I wish @GordonKelly

Running malware in a VM with shared folders. What are AVs & EDRs going to do about it? Scanning every file in every vmdk continuously seems unworkable. Unlike higher level interpreters like PowerShell, there's no good spot for something like AMSI.

Also if you think 122MB is big for a malware package, wait until they start using Electron

Cut my hair again.
Top-😃 Sides-🙂 Back-😐
This is the problem with self-haircuts. So, I propose a simple solution: we just let it grow long in back, short in front

@liaizon ah well. I have nothing for you except condolences.

@liaizon Did you purchase via credit card? Did you have a warranty? Most credit card companies extend it for you. I've gotten mine fixed that way. I think all Visa, maybe all MasterCard.

Mitsubishi hackers may have stolen details of prototype missile after exploiting anti-virus vulnerability. Japan’s Ministry of Defense says it is investigating if state-sponsored hackers were responsible.

(well, duh...)

So I go to the @openSUSE forums and try to sign up to post the issue. Click the sign up page and you get this. Noooooooo, you were such a good distribution , don't die like this, I don't want to make a new VM...

Accomplishment: I'm apparently the only person on the internet to run into this error. "rpmpkg: detected non-zero blob, trying auto repair" Spoiler alert: it does not auto repair.

F-Secure Labs updated C3 with covert malware control/data exfiltration channels through MSSQL, Asana, OneDrive, and Outlook O365. DropBox coming soon. Excellent work!

Maybe GrayKey has implemented login capture but can't catch passcode changes, so changing your code wouldn't hurt, but don't rely on it. They may not have persistence too; always full shutdown and pull the battery... oh wait you can't do that on iPhone.

Phase 1 trial of a candidate vaccine showed a positive sign of potential to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

This is important, but most of all, I just appreciate the fact that I'm not the only one who typos

Claiming "there is a cure. There is a solution that works 100 percent" when you haven't tested in real world conditions is as ridiculous in medicine as it is in information security.

Built in ngrok for forwarding RDP connections is 👍
Got a kick out of sing and volumemax too.

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