Not many people know this, but when Windows changed the trash bin to recycle, they started sending deleted files to China to see if they could re-use the data, but since the trade war, your files aren't actually being recycled anymore so you can just delete them

Mission Impossible remake except the whole thing is about a dramatic caper to obtain the world's last USB floppy drive since they already have the disk but can't use it

Do you know your Ryuk facts? Becker's Health IT is here to inform. H/T @drwolfff

Gmail went from 2GB of free storage in 2005 to ~7.5GB in 2009 (nearly 4x in 4 years)
then flat until 2012, when Google bumped 10GB, then in 2013, 15GB among all Google services (2x in 4 years)
Since then, no change. >7 years later no increases.

Oh, you poor website. Who hurt you? Who did this? Who poisoned your mind?

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NSA would like to inform GRU "we're in all your operations so deeply we're publicly taunting you about your internal jargon."

If you block MS tracking in hosts, Defender will now specifically identify that as malicious, and re-enable the spying. Yes, the product once called "Microsoft AntiSpyware" is now pro-spyware. Do the MS engineers here ever take a hard look in the mirror?


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