Hey, I heard you were looking for someone who's a tall, dark (-web surfing), and handsome (-cat owner)

Is there any good page I don't have to sign up or install an app for that will track a walk/bike path? I didn't find one so I did a quick one myself but GPS fixes were very shaky even in high resolution which really messes up distance/speed #'s (or I need complicated algorithms)

Me right now with the Windows Bluetooth team. Except unlike Liam Neeson, I never find them because I can't hear anything.

These FBI capabilities are all surface level/no changes, don't seem to touch NSL's, and don't tell you what services can be compelled to collect in the future if the FBI wanted to push the issue. None of these can be relied upon to be better than WhatsApp.

Cyberpants strikes again. If your breeches are not secure, first try a belt, or maybe suspenders.

We need to start saying "real wage decreases" instead of the sanitized "inflation". Policies restricting supply of goods and services, while injecting vast spending are a giant regressive tax on ordinary people. That free stuff is coming right from your real losses and shortages.

A new end-to-end encrypted, anonymous ID and IP-hiding, decentralized, audio/video/file sharing/offline messaging multi-device platform built for both communications and application security and performance.

The Supreme Court has already effectively ruled that taxing unrealized gains is unconstitutional.

I see Conti has been reading all the popular anti-hackback scare fiction. How dare you take a ransomware operation offline!

And if their talking points are the same as yours, you might want to think about that.

It's still not too late to run

DOT=. wget -m http://101"$DOT"132"$DOT"96"$DOT"154/

Remember, if you've used a technology since 2009, you can now claim your experience "spans three decades" (00's, 10's, 20's) even if you're just in your 20's now.

I've never seen this before. WiFi with a SIM? How does that work? What standard is that? How does my phone know about it? I can't find anything on it online.

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