Slamming our house right now. So loud. This entire city's housing and all cars not in garages will need new roofs.

Imagine writing this in a major news publication: "Unlike Chromium browsers, Firefox is built using Rust, a safety-focused programming language which is specifically designed to be memory safe." And your reference is the Wikipedia article on Rust. I wish @GordonKelly

Also if you think 122MB is big for a malware package, wait until they start using Electron

So I go to the @openSUSE forums and try to sign up to post the issue. Click the sign up page and you get this. Noooooooo, you were such a good distribution , don't die like this, I don't want to make a new VM...

Accomplishment: I'm apparently the only person on the internet to run into this error. "rpmpkg: detected non-zero blob, trying auto repair" Spoiler alert: it does not auto repair.

Excellent article identifying Dmitry Sergeevich Badin, 29, the GRU unit 26165 (APT28) developer behind numerous high profile intrusions. Keep reading until the end.

But let's not forget the old RoI of Doom chart. Big intel agencies have both means and incentive to plant people in your cloud providers or exploit CPU or virt bugs, and you're unlikely to know if they've spied on you for strategic intel. Also:

Don't forget, @MicrosoftTeams only supports IE6 for calls. Maybe by the year 2020 there will be widely supported cross browser web audio/video standards...

I don't see anybody else in San Antonio posting data, so here you go. I don't have all the numbers hence the gaps but I did find total confirmed cases for the past almost month by scraping various news and archive sites. From now on I'll be recording them.

Good but sobering update from the Tillett's:
"Danbury Hospital, in Danbury Connecticut, saved my husband’s life."

Inconvenient truths: study after study shows reusable bags are unsanitary and a threat to public health. Also public transportation. Yes they're still efficient. Tradeoffs suck. But I can't imagine any honest risk analysis would conclude banning plastic bags is a good idea.

There's a wormable SMBv3 vulnerability that was accidentally documented before being quickly scrubbed on various sites, since Microsoft has not patched it this month.


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