Hey, good time to remind everyone that you can easily opt out of some of the exploitation of your social network to feed surveillance or ad datasets by hiding your network. You could also opt out of search indexing, but that doesn't really stop any scrapers.

The graph of what the GPT's are good at is roughly the inverse of the corresponding majors' expected salaries (2019 data).

When you join a big conference call and you're the only one from your department but you're just trying to blend in.

The Basic Tenets of the official C++ direction group opinion on safety are that anything else, literally any other interest, is a higher priority. Safety is the absolute last concern.

And C++ is plenty safe. It just needs to "combat that public image"

This is not a vulnerability. "User may access a file publicly posted without giving that server the *user's* password hash" is not worse than the alternative. It's better than the alternative

By this logic visiting any website or viewing email are also bugs and should be blocked

I am shocked to announce that details of the leak investigation have, in fact, leaked.

New Year's resolution: Start using strict outbound firewalls
This is tough on Windows without sketchy 3rd-party code since no built-in tools show where svchost is hitting and why. So use this script. It beats scrolling event logs wondering what raw IPs are