Whenever you accidentally go to the Wikipedia page for a controversial subject you are reminded

@Starefossen ok fine. You just use SharedWorker instead of the normal web Worker or serviceWorker.

SharedWorkers are shared among all live tabs/windows of a given domain. So they're not really associated with a single tab. But you can post them messages. And they can fetch from the internet

I enabled lockdown mode and all of a sudden my iPhone looks like this. Is this normal?

If you haven't seen it, cryptpad.fr is impressive. Collaborative editing on even office documents without unencrypted data on the server or even needing sign ups or any PII at all.

Image recognition ML engineers furiously scrambling to update their models to classify bumblebees as fish

Anybody here good with Legos? You just snap it back together, right?

I don't know how else you guys could have been keeping up with all the Office exploits recently but I do what I can to help.

Chili's chicken and waffles is 2590 Calories. I think that's a new record for them. It's also delicious.

While most open source licenses can be used if you simply *are* a criminal, the GPL's additional terms imply you can only use GPL'd code *to actively conduct a crime*

Preparing a blind taste test for the kids. Choose your fighter.

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