Federal agents persecuting a religious group we like might be held personally liable, but Oh No if they are, then federal agents persecuting religious groups we hate might be held liable too!

Basically everything wrong with the current partisan rhetoric.

Well that's strange. I was assured several times that only the protesters were violent and against the will of the people.

Restrict freedom of expression and you'll soon find yourself believing your own reality-distanced propaganda, to your own embarrassment and detriment.

I'm no @b0rk, but I've decided to start drawing some cyber concepts. First, a diagram of the cyber kill chain.

This was real. Demonstrating their uncrackable glass by letting someone throw a metal ball into the windows. Oops. Not to mention... what the heck is that shape?

What's a six letter networking company? Or 7 if it overlaps the number, like...

It costs $1 to leave an unaffordable nightmare and never return. Do it. Just do it. With even half your current income you'll still be better off. You are the hero of your own horror film. Get Out.

Would be nice if you didn't vote for the same policies in the new home too.

More great research from the outflank team on bypassing most security warnings by delivering macros via sylk files.

All this time we thought "Democracy Dies in Darkness" was a warning. Turns out, it's the goal.

Days since Feb 7 on which the heat was running. Sigh. I don't like cold.

Whaddya know, Dodge Challengers have a high rate of driver fatalities. Surely there's some technical explanation for this.

Also, man there's a *lot* of people who smash their Titans into stationary objects. Curious about that one too.


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