Good but sobering update from the Tillett's:
"Danbury Hospital, in Danbury Connecticut, saved my husband’s life."

Inconvenient truths: study after study shows reusable bags are unsanitary and a threat to public health. Also public transportation. Yes they're still efficient. Tradeoffs suck. But I can't imagine any honest risk analysis would conclude banning plastic bags is a good idea.

There's a wormable SMBv3 vulnerability that was accidentally documented before being quickly scrubbed on various sites, since Microsoft has not patched it this month.

And we can drop the hubris "fact checkers" are somehow more magically fair and unbiased than any other political commentators.

Twitter may start community moderation in 2 weeks. So point out an inconvenient truth & random mods can then slap their own "Harmfully Misleading" labels & comments on your tweets. 🙄

Maybe just import a bunch of condescending redditors and call it a day?

That sounds about right. I'll let you all know when my team's hiring again. 😁
h/t @benheise

So @cloakcoin tries, but the "whitepaper" is an endless series of facepalms, including "symmetric RSA-256" which doesn't exist (and real RSA-256 could be cracked in about a second). Then the "cloaking" includes telling nodes your full real transaction.

Hey, everybody's debating definitions of what a red team is or should be. Let's check the real definitions. There's only two non-wiki dictionaries that define it, DoD and Urban Dictionary.

Well, glad that's settled.

RT @LisaForteUK: I shouldn’t find this funny but I do and I’m sorry for that! 😂

They don't even give you a dinosaur game. Anybody have other good alternatives to a productive day collaborating with your team?

RIP my beloved [extract.]
Got a big Italian email via the registry, presumably to justify owning the domain. The jig is up, but the VM's been retired for a few years anyway. It was fun while it lasted. I made sure it worked too!

Thanks for all the uploads!

"the ecosystem is moving" but "once you decentralize a protocol it becomes extremely difficult to change" like "HTTP"? Browsers are indeed distributed. I wonder if the Google Chrome team knows they can't "evolve" and are basically the same as IE 5 from 20 years ago 🙄

It was just a few years ago when ordinary people were frequently getting compromised by simply looking at a bad website through browser exploits (drive by downloads) for example. We've made great strides. It's getting better, not worse!

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