If you block MS tracking in hosts, Defender will now specifically identify that as malicious, and re-enable the spying. Yes, the product once called "Microsoft AntiSpyware" is now pro-spyware. Do the MS engineers here ever take a hard look in the mirror?

I don't know what they're doing to game the @googlenews algorithm, but Motley Fool is basically an endless series of pump and dump scams so this probably shouldn't happen. This section is supposedly not personalized, can anyone else confirm?

These two are fundamentally different questions and treating them as equivalent assumes away half the debate

SAPD finally got feces sandwich cop fired. Read it all. This is who the union stood behind, prevented from being fired, for years. You can't get the worst apples out until you end these collective bargaining agreements protecting them.

I haven't logged into Paypal for quite a while. I can't put my finger on it, but something just seems off.

Some really exciting developments in the new tor browser. Key based client auth. Nicer onion names for at least a few securedrop sites. Onion-location header support for redirecting to onion sites.

Expectations vs numbers released this morning. I've never been previously excited for a payroll numbers report before, but something positive happened in 2020, or at least not as negative as expected! This has to be a first for this year.

Slamming our house right now. So loud. This entire city's housing and all cars not in garages will need new roofs.

Imagine writing this in a major news publication: "Unlike Chromium browsers, Firefox is built using Rust, a safety-focused programming language which is specifically designed to be memory safe." And your reference is the Wikipedia article on Rust. I wish @GordonKelly

Also if you think 122MB is big for a malware package, wait until they start using Electron

So I go to the @openSUSE forums and try to sign up to post the issue. Click the sign up page and you get this. Noooooooo, you were such a good distribution , don't die like this, I don't want to make a new VM...

Accomplishment: I'm apparently the only person on the internet to run into this error. "rpmpkg: detected non-zero blob, trying auto repair" Spoiler alert: it does not auto repair.


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