This was released 15 years ago Friday. War raging, gas prices skyrocketing, markets on the edge of crashing, president stumbling over his words, Raytheon making bank. Crazy times.

animal bite 

Stepped onto the back porch to watch the eclipse for like 1 minute and suddenly *FOOT STABBING* I did not see anything but have two punctures about 1 1/4 in or 3.2cm apart. According to Science, this means big snake. Which for here is likely a pit viper. Unfortunately I didn't find the snake so I don't know exactly.

If I die, I'll let you know.

Good chance I didn't get much venom though, as I'm only a bit swollen & no neuro symptoms. Anyway, no step on snek.

Weird it gets distorted? No, that's exactly how the scientists described it in their own words

A Pixel phone picture is a "computer generated image consistent with both the data and computer modeling, from which many different images could be created" too

Did you know that the slower and more bloated and more confusing you make your site, the greater your "Time spent on site" metric will be.

If you are using ECDSA signatures for e.g. SSL/TLS, signed JWTs, SAML assertions or OIDC id tokens, and even WebAuthn, an attacker can trivially and completely bypass them if your server is running any Java 15, 16, 17, or 18 version before the April 2022 Critical Patch Update

Bike was just cosmetically damaged. Rationalizing that it was the shorter distance and full of Motrin & Tylenol, I cautiously rolled out for the first few miles. But feeling ok I started to attack... and won my age group. The work paid off. I'm stoked. But resting now!

They may have broken all our brackets last week but now that they're setting records in the elite 8, you can't help but cheer for them.

When you install all the apps instead of just using the websites

Instead of decacorn it should be called narwhal. Change my mind.

When you really gotta scope out the absolute best parking spot though. Look at that one.

I really want to know what strategy determined "we should get 360° street view of every single parking spot" instead of spending that time updating main roads which are constantly getting new construction.

I keep hitting hills thinking "that was steep!" only to get utterly gaslit by @ridewithgps rating it 2% grade.

But wait,
1183 - 1133 = 50 ft gain
Not 23

+50 ft / 478 ft dist = 10.46% avg grade
Not 2.5%
Or 1.8%
And max is way > 5.5%
Seriously, where do these numbers come from?

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