Server is really offended that people would block them for hosting one disfavored account.

Server uses fediblock list to block other servers. Virtually every server block in that list is because of a single account.

Something about specks and logs, pots and kettles

@sj Is this the a sub toot? It is far too sub-tle for me... about the single person instance blocking the whole of because CISA had an account there?


@nf3xn yeah lots of complaints about CISA I think are overblown. And ironic that that server is fast to block whole instances over a single account. But also applies to the journo host drama too

@sj ah I missed the journo drama lol. It sure didn't take long for the twitter drama du jours phenomenon to follow us into the fediverse.

@sj I fully expect NSA, CIA, Scotland Yard, Dallas PD, 8200, NSO Group whoever I think is the worst of the worst to make accounts. So block them? But everyone? Been a lot of people trying to tone police (ironically) the fediverse. #ACAB lol

Every instance sowing: Someone looked at me funny on that other server, block them all! Haha, yeah!

Every instance reaping: You don't like that account on my server and want to block us all? Come on guys, can't we just have some dialog? There's a lot of good people here, let's just chill!

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