@sj I'm really liking the Local Timeline on infosec.exchange for skimming infosec content. I assume if I run my own instance I would no longer have that and would still need an account on here? Or is there a way to pull that in from other instances?

@realDannyDorko you can watch their local timeline without a login, just go to infosec.exchange/explore - I sometimes do as well. It's nice to check other instances too even if you are on a big one.

@sj What led you to decide to run your own instance?

@noperator I used to run one of the bigger ones years ago, like maybe 2016, and after that wound down, I just went to self host in like 2019. It's really not much effort (no exploding mass of signups) and I never need to complain about some other mod's filters or worry about who owns data.

Goldeneye Spoilers 

@sj ...but then he freezes right after! 😅

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